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Our esteemed clientele can expect only the very best service in charter and aircraft management, customized to perfection. As the benchmark, we set ourselves the top goals when it comes to providing you with the highest safety and security standards. We are committed to finding the perfect solution geared towards your discerning demands. All delivered with a passion for excellence and going the extra mile. 


Team / Organisation


We are proud of our longstanding team of employees, consisting of highly qualified professionals. We are highly demanding towards ourselves, many of our pilots act as flight instructors and furthermore are Civil Aviation (FOCA) approved flight examiners. The board of directors has a total of 150 years of accumulated aviation expertise. It goes without saying that we continuously invest in the education of all our employees to remain up to date with the latest developments and trends.

Helene Niedhart

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder


Dr. Patrick Landolt



Rolf Ringwald


Managing Director Sales


Iris Riesen


Accountable Manager

Iris Riesen ACM Cat Aviation

Dr. Stefania Suter

Legal Counsel

Stefania Suter Legal Counsel Cat Aviation

Our Story



2024: Integration of a brand-new Dassault Falcon 6x into the existing fleet.

2024: Integration of a brand-new Pilatus PC-24 into the existing fleet.

2023: Integration of a brand-new Pilatus PC-24 into the existing fleet.

2023: Integration of a brand-new GULFSTREAM G650ER into the existing fleet​

2021: Integration of a brand-new Pilatus PC-24 into the existing fleet.

2019: Rejuvenation of the fleet by a further brand new Dassault Falcon 2000LXS

2019: Addition of a brand new Dassault Falcon 2000LXS to our fleet

2016: Further fleet growth by adding a fourth Dassault Falcon 7X

2016: Opening of the Catering Company Jet Gourmet

2015: Enlarging the fleet by a Dassault Falcon 2000LX

2014: FBO Cat Air Service AG founded  as a joint venture with Air Service Basel Ltd. 

2013: Relocation of the company offices to the General Aviation Centre (GAC). Opening of the Cat’s Corner and a VIP-Lounge 

2011: Cat Aviation opens an office at Geneva Airport as its third location

2010: Further extension of the fleet by a third Dassault Falcon 7X

2009: Enhancement of the fleet by a new Citation Sovereign Cat Aviation opens an office in Basle as its second location

2008: Extension of the fleet by a new type - two Dassault Falcon 7X as the first Operator

2007: Rental of additional office space at the General Aviation Centre (GAC) at the Zurich location

2003: Enhancement of the fleet by a Dassault Falcon 2000EX

2001: New offering Aircraft Management. Expansion of the fleet by two long-range Dassault Falcon 900EX.

1998: Cat Aviation becomes one of the first Swiss companies holding a JAA Air Operator Certificate

1997: Acquisition of a Hawker-Siddley HS125-800A

1989: Acquisition of the first company-owned business jet a Cessna Citation C550

1987: Cat Aviation AG was established in Zurich, starting with a twin-engine Cessna C421 by Helene Niedhart


We currently have no vacancies.

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