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Cat Aviation adds brand-new PC-24 to its fleet

In January 2021, Cat Aviation Ltd. integrated a brand-new Pilatus PC-24 into its fleet. After completing an intense introduction phase on the charter market, the aircraft is now available for flights. The jet is particularly suited to reach short-haul destinations, which are not served directly by airlines. The versatile Swiss business aircraft PC-24 is especially suited to land on smaller airfields. Our charter clients will certainly appreciate the stylish white interior design, the modern furnishings, the huge baggage compartment as well as the attractive charter pricing. In the VIP configuration, the jet offers first class comfort for 6 passengers. With two additional chairs, a maximum of 8 passengers can be seated.

Cat Aviation Ltd., a Swiss Business Aviation company with 33 years of experience has until now mainly focussed on the operation of (ultra) long haul jets manufactured by Dassault. With the introduction of the first PC-24, the company now runs a fleet of 7 business jets, thus extending its short haul offering. Besides the commercial operation at Cat Aviation, every now and then the new aircraft continues to serve as a demonstrator for Pilatus Aircrafts Ltd.



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